How to read 5k books in 2024

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Zainab Balogun O.
5 min readFeb 4, 2024

Just kidding, just kidding

You’re not Kyle XY, just kidding

But still, I have tips to share on how you can build a good reading habit from here on out. If that’s something you struggle with.

Here are 8 points I’ve gathered that can help:

Read books you love 💕

As obvious as this sounds, it’s very valid & important if you’re trying to build a better reading habit in 2024. It has more to do with reading what you genuinely enjoy rather than reading what someone else considers “interesting” or what has a high rating on TikTok.

Reading shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you look forward to doing, like watching a movie. Do yourself a favor in 2024 & pick up books that are more your spec. Find joy in your choices.

also, fiction>>>>

Quit books midway 🚮

Say you’re a couple of pages into a book & you can just feel that it’s not flowing, the story is not making sense or you’re finding it boring. Drop it.

Nobody will penalize you & it’s only your time that’s being wasted.

Forget all that “I like to finish what I start” business if e din dey e din dey.

I’ve tried so many times to read Hannibal Lecter because people who have read it say good things about it but my brain never ever agrees. I simply gave up & moved on.

Here for a good time not a long time uno ;)

Read more than 1 book at once 🔢

This might not work for everybody but it’s worth giving a shot, especially because of my previous point. Reading can go south fast when you absolutely have to get through a boring one before having the luxury of picking a better one.

For instance, currently, I have 3 books on my reading list (it’s important to note that I used to be ‘pro-read-1-book-at-a-time’ so this is quite a new territory for me) & it’s been working well so far.

What I’m doing is mixing genres. One of the books is fiction, one is career-related, & the other is lifestyle-related. When I’m bored out of my mind, I pick the most interesting one, the fiction. When I’m in the mood to read for knowledge, I pick one of the others.

The point is not to let one book drag you down before picking another.

This can also easily go sideways but I’ll trust you to self-regulate.

Go offline, buy a Kindle 🌴

You want to read more but it’s tough doing so when being constantly online is distracting. If this is the case, you should consider going offline to read. Turn off your data for just a little time to properly consume the book. You’d love it. Well until you sleep off. But it’s worth a try.

Something that’s also helped me (although quite on the expensive side) is getting an e-reader device, a Kindle. Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve ever made because I can do away with my phone or PC & read better. Consider adding it to your birthday wishlist. Miracles happen uno.

Give audiobooks a chance 🎧

I never knew I was a fan of podcasts until I gave it a chance, multitasking listening to podcasts while doing housework instead of with music. This could be you, with audiobooks.

Honestly though, audiobooks don’t work for me. Yet. But they might for you, especially if reading still feels like a chore. Explore other formats, till you find your vibe. Reading doesn’t always have to strain your eyes. Put your ears to work.

I heard Spotify now has an audiobook feature by the way.

Buy a book 💵

Apart from appreciating the author’s handwork when you do this, you’re also holding yourself accountable to go through with the book because “money must not be wasted”. So even if it’s 2 books you can afford to buy in 2024, do that & own it.

Shape your workspace 🖼

Spend time making your workspace book-friendly. The people who came up with the quote “how of sight, how of mind” knew what they were talking about because that’s how it really is.

Physical workspace: put the books on the table where you can pick them up when MTN/Airtel starts messing up.

Digital workspace: Sort your screen so the book apps are more in view than Twitter is.

Easy access to books, that’s the point.

Lastly, forget the numbers 🚮

That crazy high reading goal you’ve set, 50, 5k, forget it. Those are unimportant than actually finding pleasure in the books you decide to read.

There’s no need to run, to rush. Enjoy & absorb the book.

Pick up lessons, take notes if necessary, summarize them, discuss with a friend, apply, etc. The point is to have fun on your reading journey.

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📃My book recommendations

I’m forever a fan of beautiful books & I have some suggestions just in case you’re interested:

  • A Man Called Ove — Fredrik Backman
  • Anxious People — Fredrik Backman
  • Tomorrow Died Yesterday — Chimeka Garricks
  • Fourth Wing — Rebecca Yarros
  • Verity — Colleen Hoover
  • The Silent Patient — Alex Michaelides
  • Any James Hadley Chase book (I still have a lot to get through)
  • Crazy Rich Asians (the trilogy) — Kevin Kwan

…to list a few.

And I hope with these few points of mine…

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