Dear Diary… II

Photo by Pedro Araújo on Unsplash

Day 7/30

Dear diary, I’ve not had my bath today and it’s almost 5pm.

Wait, before you judge. I’ve been busy. Too busy to even think of a topic to write on so I thought I might just do some sort of journaling on what I’m up to today.

What am I up to? Well… let’s say I’m supervising our house ‘revamping’. Simply put, we chose today to paint the house since we moved in.

So far, it’s been going good. I mean apart from the fact that I had to wake up earlier than usual (7am) to start clearing the room and moving things to make space for easy movement and paint splashes.

My room’s also being painted, and I’m very happy about that because finally. What I’m not really happy about is the color I picked for the room.

I picked purple. It looked cool and nice and warm when I was checking the paint catalogue for choices. But… now that they’ve started applying the color on the wall, my head is telling me “Ovaa, are you sure you made the right choice?”

I honestly don’t know if I chose right picking the color I picked. What I do know is that whether or not I like it, what’s done is done. They can’t go back now, the deed has been done and I’ll forever live with the consequences of my choices. Beautiful or not.

I asked the painter though if this is its final form and he said they are still going to work on it so there’s hope of it looking better and brighter. Fingers crossed to that. Pray for me, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

That’s pretty much what the day has been all about. I don’t have access to my room till they are done so I’m just hanging around, running minor errands, reading a book; “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” which I’ve been on for almost 2 weeks now. It’s a nice book by the way, I should give a review when I’m done with it.

We also have this bluetooth music speaker positioned somewhere in the living room. Makes all the work & hanging around less boring, & I’m sure that by the end of all these, Rema’s latest song; ‘Woman’ will be stuck in my head for at least 2 days because my brother has replayed the life out of the song. My favorite part is the ‘gear 1, gear 2, gear tiri’ part. Can’t pass me by.

I hope your day was more fun than mine.

Thanks again for going through this 30 days thing with me. Stay sane, adios :)




Designer 💻 Writer 📝 Artist 🎨 Advocate for humanity, quality TV shows 🍿 & sleep 💤

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Zainab Balogun O.

Zainab Balogun O.

Designer 💻 Writer 📝 Artist 🎨 Advocate for humanity, quality TV shows 🍿 & sleep 💤

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